50 Favs of the '60s '70s '80s        

50 Favs of the '60s '70s '80s

Welcome to 50 Favs of the '60s '70s '80s, a collection of 150 (fifty from each decade) of the most-popular subjects of three dynamic decades that transformed a nation in a way quite unlike any other thirty-year period!

Yes, these were the very-same decades in which I grew up. Naturally, therefore, they hold a special meaning. The changes that occurred from 1960 to 1989, however, were so dramatic, especially during the 1960s, I believe they are without equal.

With 50 Favs, I present an informative and fun compendium, focusing on the essential highlights of the general Americana and pop culture of the late 20th century ... 150 favorites!


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 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards 

      Fred J. Del Bianco Jr.    

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