50 Favs of the '60s '70s '80s        

50 Favs of the '60s '70s '80s

Welcome to 50 Favs of the '60s '70s '80s, a collection of 150 (fifty from each decade) of the most-popular subjects of three dynamic decades that transformed a nation in a way quite unlike any other thirty-year period!

Yes, these were the very-same decades in which I grew up;  naturally, therefore, they hold a special meaning. The changes that occurred from 1960 to 1989, however, were so dramatic, especially during the 1960s, I believe they are without equal.

With 50 Favs, I present an informative and fun compendium, focusing on the essential highlights of the general Americana and pop culture of the late 20th century ... 150 favorites!

"While Del Bianco freely admits that many of his choices for inclusion in the book stem from his personal connection to them, his selection is broad enough to act as a good introduction to the popular culture of the thirty years he covers. The result is a well-written and revealing glance in life's rear view mirror at the music, people, and pastimes that once so captivated us."


----- John E. Roper
       U.S. Book Reviews





    Finalist -   
013 Beverly Hills Book Awards 

      Fred J. Del Bianco Jr.    

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